Welcome to RAK Academy: British Curriculum

The British Curriculum Primary School (BCPS) is a busy, friendly independent day school, taking girls and boys from Foundation Stage 1 right the way through to Year Six.

BCPS became an addition to the RAK Academy in January 2008 and our pupil population has grown fast. Our facilities including a swimming pool, theatre, computer suites and library help us to enrich our curriculum and the experiences of our pupils.


We believe in giving children a comprehensive, relevant and balanced learning experience and we aim to do just that for each and every one of our pupils. We believe that the secret of achieving this lies in a supportive environment, where children are encouraged to learn, play, develop and challenged to reach their full potential as well-rounded individuals.

Our smaller class sizes, the team of dedicated and approachable teachers and the excellent relationship between staff and pupils all combine to give the British Curriculum Primary School a distinctively caring and friendly character.

Our aim is that our pupils should thrive in every way and be successful. We hope that we shall be able to help your children do the same.


Westley Hughes

Head Teacher