Welcome to the RAK Academy International Primary School (IPK)

                             International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme 

Thank you for choosing RAK Academy to educate your son/daughter. Our vision at RAK Academy is to provide

a ‘Learning Excellence with a Community Heart Community’. One way we have chosen to meet this vision is to

adopt the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). The Academy Guiding Statements

and IB PYP curriculum framework provide a local, national and international learning experience, enabling

students to meet their potential, future aspirations and explore understandings of human commonalities.

IB PYP students study a research-based international curriculum with an emphasis on both academic

achievement and students’ personal development that accommodates:​

  • local traditions and global events, promoting intercultural understandings - where students are exposed to different cultures and learn to appreciate each other;

  • an inquiry and critical thinking approach studying knowledge in multiple integrated subjects, using technology;

  • two world languages and cultures – English and Arabic;

  • a caring, safe and secure setting to develop social behaviour and emotional resilience.

In addition to the mainstream programme we encourage all students to participate in a wide range of

extra-curricular activities such as art, music, sports, student-led community action and leadership opportunities

to capture their interests and passions.


Our mission is to challenge all learners to succeed. As the world changes we pride ourselves in preparing students to become adaptable enquirers, multilingual responsible global citizens, knowledgeable and caring lifelong learners fully prepared to emerge into positions of great worth to society.


Please review our school website information; how it operates, curriculum model, what events take place, and how we all work together to make IPK a warm and welcoming learning environment. Feel free to contact the school, visit us, to see our education on offer.


Thank you again.

Wayne Richardson

Head of School IPK