Welcome to the PE Department

At RAKA PYP School, the PE department focuses on developing a combination of transferable skills promoting physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum including, Adventure challenge, Individual Pursuits (swimming, athletics), Movement Composition (gymnastics), Games and Health Related Fitness units.

The student’s well-being is taught through the promotion and development of concepts, knowledge, attitudes and skills that contribute to this wellbeing. Well-being is intrinsically linked to all aspects of a student’s experience at school and beyond.

As your child progresses through the academic year, they will be assessed on their knowledge, attitudes, transdisciplanary skills, and physical skills. This will be reported to parents and guardians twice a year.

RAK Academy PYP PE offers a broad range of extra-curricular activities to encourage participation and lifelong learning as swell as competitive teams. Our competitive teams are part of an EISSA league and run through-out the academic year.

Our facilities include a covered outdoor 25m swimming pool. Large sports hall, basketball courts, activity room and dance studio.