Alreem Saud Al Neaimi

B.A. in International Studies: Specialisation in International Affairs - Zayed University

Head Girl (2014-2015)

As a student who has been at RAK Academy for almost the entirety of my school life, I have seen the school grow and change throughout the years while I, myself, have grown with it. With RAK Academy being an international school that welcomes students from all over the globe, I have had the honor of meeting people and making friends from places that I may never get the chance to visit.

The globalism of the school also means having the opportunity to study external curriculums such as IGCSEs, The International Baccalaureate (IB) and A-Levels. Personally, I did IB in order to explore my skills and help me find a direction in which to continue my studies after school. Over the years, I have recognised my strengths in subjects such as English, geography, art and languages and have been able to identify the subjects that I can improve in.

Overall, RAK Academy was a great environment to explore my abilities and skills, as well as to discover myself as a person and help prepare me for what comes after school and it was an entirely beneficial and enjoyable experience.

RAK Academy, 2002-2016

Lavanya Huria

Bachelors of Arts in Economics, Finance and International Development at McGill University, Montréal, Canada

Lavanya Huria joined RAK Academy at age 7, and found it a very stimulating environment in which she was exposed to many languages, cultures, and people. Due to the small size of the classrooms, she found it easy to socialise, as well as collaborate with her peers on academic topics. She remembers RAK Academy as a microcosm of her current university. "My whole life up until now was this school. I got the opportunity to expand all of my interests - the performing arts, sports leagues, international charitable initiatives, as well as successfully introducing Psychology as a course taught in the IB. RAK Academy showed me ways to always live up to my potential. Coming with 30 advanced credit with the IB has given me such an advantage, because I am looking at less time at university, already having the refined writing, and organisational skills. The workload at university resembles the assignments given to me during my last two years of high school. A solid foundation such as this one has prepared me well for the exciting city of Montréal. "


Lavanya also received a Student Award from the Council of International Schools in recognition of your contribution to the development and advancement of internationalism.

RAK Academy 2005-2016

Stuart Swindell

BA in International Media and Entertainment Management at NHTV Breda, The Netherlands

I am now studying in The Netherlands to make my dreams of working for GoPro, Red Bull or National Geographic come true. University was not exactly as I expected but I am enjoying my time here.

At my university, lectures are fun. They bring people from actual businesses like Sony to talk to use about how the gaming and media industry is changing for example. Tutorials which are basically classes are more fun, for now we have mainly completed presentations for our 4 main subjects, pitching in English, Management, Project Management and Media & Entertainment. Luckily life at RAK Academy prepared me for these tasks and while the IB programme was difficult it has made my transition to university much easier.

Trust me when I tell you that school and university will probably be the best years of your life so work hard and do something you actually love.

RAK Academy 2013-2016

Ananya Huria

University of North Carolina, Class of 2014, B.Sc in International Business Management and B.Sc in Entrepreneurship

HL – Business, ITGS, Maths; SL- Physics, English & French

Ananya Huria, RAKESS and an IB alumni, is now back in United Arab Emirates and working as a successful Design, Digital Media and PR associate in Dubai. Like any other expat kid, she joined RAK Academy (RAKESS then) in Year 8, when her parents migrated to RAK due to their jobs. After finishing her IB diploma in 2010, she moved to North Carolina, USA to study International Business and Entrepreneurship.

Ananya highlights her key learnings from IB and how the program helped her during her university years, “IB was not easy, but the most rewarding 2 years of my life! IB taught me to prioritize every little thing in my life, from HL Math assignments to spending time with friends and family to getting those CAS hours in. Those 2 years spend writing papers and essays really eased my way into uni. I remember my first year in uni I had to write 5 page essay every week for almost every class and it was a breeze, because every IB graduate is trained to produce 20+ page papers at any given time.” IB did not only help her excel at university but also gave her skills to adapt and grow among different people and culture. “IB is such a global program that wherever you go you’ll find IB people to connect with, and not just that the program itself gives you so much insight about the rest of the world that by the end of it you feel like a global citizen!”

RAKESS, 2005-2010 (IB Diploma)

Lisa Depypere

LLB Global Law, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

My name is Lisa Depypere and I graduated from RAK Academy in 2015. I went on to study Global Law at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. I came to the UAE when my dad was offered a job and came to RAK Academy in Year 7.

Throughout my time in IB, I faced many challenges but, along with many other things, it taught me all about time management and how to cope with a great amount of workload, which I am immensely grateful for because going to university, I was already accustomed to being hard working. Tilburg University is a very multicultural university and the experience of having friends from all over the world at RAK Academy allowed me to easily feel at home in Tilburg and allowed me to become friends with some amazing people. IB also helped me to grow as a person, it allowed me to become more open-minded through TOK and more creative and active through CAS, as I spent hours doing things I would normally not have done without IB. Lastly, IB gave me a global perspective, which is perfect since I went on to study Global Law.

RAK Academy 2008-2015

Hany Hamarneh

Interior Design Major, University of Tennessee, USA

I moved to the United States of America and am working towards a successful career in Interior Design. IB did help me with punctuality, deadlines and academics, but what IB really did teach me is that no matter how lost you feel, you will always be surrounded by classmates and teachers who genuinely care about you in your hardships. I couldn’t have picked a better group of friends to graduate with because they’ve become family to me. RAK Academy, aided me academically to a more positive future.

IB did not only help me understand the university regime, but also helped him get used to the concept of change and etiquette. Being from somewhere so foreign and coming to the United States made me appreciate the fact I was raised in a multicultural environment like RAKA. I do feel like my home is not just Palestine or the UAE, my home is India, Russia, Croatia, Norway, Yemen, Sudan, Spain, France…the world really!

RAK Academy 2001-2016

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