Student Support Services

RAK Academy gives high importance on helping students with their academic, social, and emotional education. We have a small but developing team of professionals who provide personal and often confidential support.

Our Counsellor for both primary and secondary school working with students, parents and teachers. She also assists in resolving a large range of student- related issues and helps in designing a successful learning and social environments.

We look forward to supporting you and your children throughout the year.


Student Support Team.

Tamar Abou Samra - School Counsellor

Dear Parents,

My name is Tamar Abou Samra; I’ve been in RAK Academy as a school counsellor since 2007.

As a school Counsellor I work with students, parents, teachers and administrators to design a successful learning environment by improving the social, psychological and academic lives of students. My job is to help students to understand and deal with social, behavioural, and personal problems.

My intervention as a school counsellor includes individual and group counseling for some students. For example, if a student's behavior is interfering with his or her achievement, I observe that student in a class and develop (with the class teacher) a plan to address the behavioral issue(s). I also provide consultation services to family members such as parenting skills, study skills, child and adolescent development, and help with school-home transition.

Students can be referred to me by a teacher, parent, friend or by themselves.

Parents can call me at 2362441 (ext.237) or e- mail me at anytime for a phone conference or to set up a school visit.

Counsellors are called upon to help students in a broader way. They help students handle almost any problem that could get in the way of learning, guide them to productive futures, and try to create a positive environment for everyone at school.

Don’t hesitate!!! Visit your school counsellor!